Votre Espace Extérieur: Installation d'Auvents Sur Mesure

Your Outdoor Space: Custom Awning Installation

In the world of outdoor design, awnings play a crucial role, not only in terms of protection from the elements, but also as an aesthetic addition.

These can completely transform the look and functionality of your outdoor living space.

Whether it’s lounging on your terrace on a hot summer’s day without fear of UV rays.

Enjoy outdoor lunches without the vagaries of the weather.

Or simply to add a touch of elegance to your facade, the installation of a custom-made awning is an ideal solution.

Designed to adapt perfectly to your needs and the architecture of your home, our awnings offer the perfect combination of functionality, durability and style.

With a wide range of materials, colors and configurations, they suit all tastes and budgets. What’s more, we guarantee optimum protection and unrivalled comfort all year round.

Discover how our custom awnings can enrich your outdoor experience and add significant value to your property.

Aluminium awnings that stand the test of time

Awnings aren’t just an aesthetic addition to your home. They are a must for protecting your outdoor spaces.

Our awnings, made of aluminum extrusion and baked-on paint, offer exceptional resistance to weather and temperature variations.

The choice of color lets you fully customize your space to match the aesthetics of your home.

Optimal UV protection with Polycarbonate

Living in a changing climate doesn’t mean compromising on comfort. Our polycarbonate awnings filter out 98% of harmful UV rays, allowing you to enjoy your terrace or balcony without worry.

Available in a variety of colors, they adapt perfectly to your aesthetic needs and preferences.

Robust design for harsh winters

Our awnings are designed to withstand the rigors of winter, without the need for snow removal.

Not only does this give you unrivalled peace of mind, it also ensures durability. Plus year-round security.

Design options: Single or Double Slope

Whether you prefer a single-slope or double-slope awning, we have the solution.

Each option is designed to provide efficient water and snow drainage, while maximizing the aesthetics of your outdoor space.

Awnings for South-facing Terraces

A south-facing terrace can become a privileged outdoor living space with the installation of a custom-made awning.

Enjoy shade in summer and protection from the elements the rest of the year, transforming your terrace into a place of relaxation and conviviality all year round.

Superior weather resistance

Our awnings are designed to withstand high winds, ice and snow.

This weather resistance means your investment is protected, whatever the conditions outside.

Year-round BBQ

With our awnings, the use of your BBQ is not limited to the summer months.

Protected from the elements, you can cook outdoors all year round, enjoying tasty grilled dishes whatever the season.

Your Outdoor Space: Custom Awning Installation

Professional and customized installation

We understand the importance of a product that adapts perfectly to your needs and your space.

That’s why we offer custom-made awnings, installed by qualified professionals. Our team ensures that every installation is carried out with the utmost care, guaranteeing perfect fit and total satisfaction.

To find out more about our awning solutions and how they can transform your outdoor space, visit our website
Luc Fauteux Group

Adding an awning to your outdoor space is more than just an aesthetic improvement; it’s an investment in your quality of life and the value of your property.

With their sturdy structures, ability to block harmful UV rays, and seasonally-appropriate design, our custom awnings offer the perfect solution for enjoying your outdoors in any season.

Whether you want to extend your summer evenings, protect your space from the elements, or simply add a distinctive design element to your home, a custom awning can turn your vision into reality.

Choose durability, functionality and aesthetics! Experience the ultimate in outdoor comfort with our awnings.

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