Le programme LogisVert d'Hydro-Québec

Optimize your home with Hydro-Québec's LogisVert program

In an era when sustainability and energy efficiency are central concerns

Hydro-Québec is a key player in the LogisVert program. 

This innovative initiativeaims to encourage homeowners to adopt energy-efficient technologies and practices to reduce their energy consumption.

In this way, minimize their environmental impact and make significant savings. 

Through a series of subsidies and incentives, LogisVert facilitates access to sustainable solutions forgreener living.

A step towards sustainable housing

Hydro-Québec’s LogisVert program is designed to support households in their transition towards optimal energy efficiency. 

It offers a wide range of subsidies for the implementation of advanced technologies and energy-efficient renovations. 

Whether it’s improving your home’s insulation. Install a high-performance heat pump. Or opt for energy-efficient household appliances. 

LogisVert offers the resources you need to transform your living space. 

This program is part of a global approach to raising awareness and taking action in the face of environmental challenges.  

By promoting accessible solutions that contribute to achieving sustainable development goals.

Reduce your energy costs with the heat accumulator

The heat accumulator, a revolutionary device supported by Hydro-Québec’s LogisVert program. It represents an optimal solution for controlling your energy consumption.

Thanks to its ability to store heat during off-peak periods and redistribute it during peak periods, it ensures efficient, economical heating management.

Improve your roof insulation and carry out caulking work

Roof insulation and caulking of openings are crucial to maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature and reducing heat loss. 

The LogisVert program encourages these improvements by offering subsidies for high-quality insulation and caulking work. 

These contribute to the energy efficiency of your home.

Heat your pool ecologically with a pump and solar collectors

Integrating an efficient pump and solar thermal collectors for your pool is a strategy supported by Hydro-Québec to reduce energy consumption. 

These technologies harness solar energy, a renewable and abundant resource, to heat your pool water sustainably and economically.

Modernize your kitchen with an induction stove

The induction stove is a modern, efficient alternative to traditional stoves. 

It offers unrivalled cooking precision and significantly reduces energy consumption. 

Thanks to the LogisVert program, adopting this technology becomes more accessible, allowing you to benefit from a more ecological and efficient kitchen.

Choose an energy-efficient heat pump dryer

The heat pump dryer represents a major innovation in household appliances. 

This is thanks to its ability to reuse hot air for drying. 

This system, supported by the LogisVert program, delivers significant savings on energy costs. What’s more. it helps reduce your household’s carbon footprint.

Maximize home comfort with a high-performance heat pump

Integrating a heat pump into your heating and cooling system is an effective strategy for improving the comfort of your home while lowering your energy bill.

Hydro-Québec’s LogisVert program offers financial incentives for the installation of high-performance heat pumps, facilitating the transition to greener, more economical energy consumption.

The LogisVert program program is a key initiative for homeowners wishing to reduce their ecological footprint while improving their home’s energy efficiency. 

By adoptingtechnologies such as heat storage, advanced insulation and solar heating solutions for swimming pools. 

Along with induction stoves, heat pump dryers and heat pumps, you can enjoy a more comfortable, more durable and more economical home.

Hydro-Québec's LogisVert program

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